Monday, May 07, 2007

Another Risk: A Massive Israeli Brain-Drain


“Approximately 47% of [Israel’s] population would, if born again, prefer for that to happen somewhere other than Israel, according to an "alternative survey" conducted by the Geocartographic Institute's iGeo subsidiary…

"Among wealthy local-born Israelis, 62% said they would like to be reborn abroad, 18% in the US or Canada, 8% in Switzerland and 6% in Sweden.

"The survey revealed surprising findings from pensioners; 59% said they would rather live abroad. Twelve percent would choose the US, 9% Switzerland, 6% Australia and 3% would seek retirement in New Zealand.”

.......From a Jerusalem Post article entitled "Israel's population reaches 7,150,000," by Shelly Paz and Haviv Rettig, April 23, 2007.

* * *

There are obvious external threats to Israel. There is also the very real threat of a flight of Jewish citizens leaving Israel to get a “better” economic life, or simply succumbing to the psychological pressures of Arab attacks of attrition.

How many Israelis would leave if they really could? Not the kind of question that keeps politicians awake in successful societies.

The continued existence of Israel depends on it becoming viable in all respects.

Israel must not just be a place tough enough to endure hate from its enemies; Israel must also be a great place to live. Otherwise, sooner or later, yet another real risk to Israel will become more obvious: a Massive Brain-Drain.

--David Naggar

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