Friday, April 20, 2007

Learning from Intel’s Israelis—It’s Time to Elect a Prime Minister Willing to Argue the Case to Death


“… A camera zoomed in on engineers in lab coats in Haifa, Israel. The video revealed that the chip Intel is counting on to recover from a battering by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. wasn't invented in Silicon Valley. Instead, Intel is betting on a group of Israeli mavericks and a design bureau 7,400 miles (11,900 kilometers) away…

``We did it the Israeli way; we argued our case to death,'' [Shmuel] Eden recalls. ``You know what an exchange of opinions is in Israel? You come to the meeting with your opinion, and you leave with mine.''

---By Ian King, March 28, 2007 (Bloomberg) --

* * *

How did the Israelis convince Intel to use its chip? They argued their case to death.

How can Israel convince the world that viability requires it to be larger? It must argue the case to death.

How can Israel convince the world that the two-state solution within the confines of Israel and the territories is unworkable? It must argue the case to death.

But what do current Israeli leaders do? They concede the two-state solution and claim that only a lack of a peace partner foils its implementation.

It’s time for new elections in Israel. It’s time to elect someone who is willing to start arguing the case to death.

--David Naggar

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