Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Bad Idea Attached to an Engine of Power Can Triumph, and Lead to Disaster

Take Jimmy Carter’s new book, “Palestine, Peace not Apartheid.” Even Norman Finkelstein—considered by most in the mainstream to be highly biased against Israel—concedes, “The historical chapters of Peace Not Apartheid are rather thin, filled with errors small and large, as well as tendentious and untenable interpretations.”

But Finkelstein sets aside these errors and accepts the former President’s broader recipe to bring about a peaceful future. Picking through the anti-Israel rhetoric, President Carter arrives back at the conventional norm: Except for mutually agreeable negotiated modifications, Israel must live within its pre-1967 borders and, “all Arab neighbors must pledge to honor Israel's right to live in peace...”

Sounds like a good idea if you accept two premises: 1) The people of the Arab/Muslim world will allow a non-Muslim, Jewish majority State to live in peace within the pre-1967 borders, and 2) A Jewish majority State can be successful and thrive within those borders in the long run.

If either premise is wrong, implementing President Carter’s idea is likely to lead to disaster.

Part of the reason any well-intended person reaches a faulty conclusion about the Arab/Muslim-Israel conflict is a lack of historical understanding. If a former President of the United States can’t be bothered to write accurate history, can you imagine the accumulated false history that may impact the thinking of those who are only marginally acquainted with the conflict?

If truth matters at all to a peaceful outcome, it must be disseminated.

The first step is this: Anyone who supports solving the “Israeli/Palestinian problem,” must be shown a map of the region such as is found at The picture brings the real problem—the Arab/Muslim-Israel conflict—into perspective. Most people simply do not know that Israel is less than 1% the size of the Arab world. Calling the problem "the Israeli/Palestinian problem" incorrectly frames the issue and makes it more difficult to solve. There is a lot to do to set the record straight, and there are powerful engines intentionally pulling in the wrong direction.

Look at all the misery caused in pursuit of implementing the “Road Map.” Bad ideas must be exposed as bad ideas before they become too attached to the engines of power, or real people suffer.

--David Naggar

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Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Both Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush suffer the same disease: the belief that the Arab problem can be solved with land, sovereignty, freedom and democracy.
Sooner would a terminal cancer patient be healed with 20 ml of vitamin C!
The terrible deliriums that lead to concessions in the past brought about despicable tragedies. Just like Adolph Hitler was never “pacified” with the concessions of Danzing, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, and the Anshluss annexation of Austria; just like Arafat was flown into Israel, escorted by the Israeli Air Forced while holding an Arab translation of the Trojan Horse story under his arm, just like leaving southern Lebanon in a haze, and the forcing the peaceful Jewish residents of Gush Katif out of their homes lead to this year’s new war on two fronts… further surrendering of territory will only fortify Israel’s Arab foes, and further place the entire Jewish nation on the deepest of dangers.
The only way to deal with Arab aggression is to separate Israel from the Arabs WITHOUT any territorial concessions whatsoever. If the Arabs of the Gallil and the territories liberated in 1967 end up as “refugees” for the next 250 years, or if they go to France to clean toilets and riot on the streets, is simply not my problem. There is no reason to have them on the Jewish street while their newer Intifadas from Hell are on the works.
Let Jewish land stay in Jewish hands, and the Arab aggressor find his own dirt elsewhere!