Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Now Is The Time

From the Associated Press

ALICANTE, Spain. "Diplomats from 11 countries called Saturday for a multilateral approach to resolving the Middle East conflict, proposing an urgent revision of the "road map" process and an international conference to end what it called the current state of stagnation." Published: October 28, 2006


To me, it is not difficult to proudly stand up for Israel, even while acknowledging the hardships of Palestinian Arabs. Now is the time, at this critical junction in history, for many voices to make the case for a larger Israel. Otherwise, no internationally sanctioned roadmap will take Israel's full legitimate needs into account.

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--David Naggar

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Scorpio said...

You have opened up a subject that many think about, and consider most important, but fear being accused by enemies and "friends" of expansionism, imperialism, racism, etc., etc.
Looking forward to important discussions.